How AI Chatbot will increase direct bookings

Chatbot technology has revolutionised the way online businesses converse with their customers. 

Questions that potential guests need answers to, before they click BOOK NOW, are instantly answered 24/7. This means any barriers to booking your property can be dealt with straight away, reducing the risk of the traveller booking somewhere else.

The conversation doesn’t need to end there, as you can continue to use the chatbot to firm up arrival and departure times and respond to any queries throughout their stay.

Most importantly, the conversation takes place on the channel of your guest’s choosing such as, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, and WeChat.

GuestTraction is proud to be chosen as sole agent for, their proven chatbot technology is used by over 200+ accommodation providers, including several worldwide global hotel chains.

How to get started

How to get started

The good news is we set your property up on your behalf. Our experienced support team will source the relevant information from your website.

Next you get to have some fun. Take the chatbot for a test drive and ask your own questions to make sure you are happy with how the chatbot responds.

Our support team is here to help you. But it won’t take long for you to make changes to the ‘questions and answers’ yourself, as editing is so easy to do.