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HTTPS Certificates

Community Certificates

Most properties need to tick the box for HTTPS to avoid any negative Google rankings and ensure their website is shown as secure and safe for potential guests to use. For these properties, we suggest a community certificate that will get the job done.

  • One Off Purchase & Setup: $100.00
  • Monthly: $5.00

Commercial Certificates

For some larger properties and organisations you may require some custom domain configuration and a more personalised HTTPS certificate. For this we have a commercial edition, this gives you all the advantages of a community certificate but allows for much stronger control and customisation of your domain.

  • Setup: $250.00
  • Monthly: $10.00
  • Certificate Purchase: $150.00 (this is charged in USD)
  • Certificate Annual Renewal: $150.00 (this is charged in USD)

If you are unsure as to which you require feel free to ask our friendly team or contact us below.

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Our Industry Partners
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