Our Free Update to Google Analytics 4

Our Free Update to Google Analytics 4

You may have heard some tech chatter about the importance of keeping up with Google's latest Analytics platform, "Google Analytics 4" ("GA4"). Here's the lowdown!

Google Analytics is a great tracking and reporting tool from Google. GuestTraction websites and platforms are all tightly integrated, so you can track in detail the financial performance of your system.

Google Analytics 4 is the latest version of this platform. Legacy versions are being sunsetted by Google in early 2023. For this reason it is quite urgent that all websites be upgraded to continue the benefits of data tracking.

As a customer of GuestTraction: sleep soundly! We have already done this for you. All GuestTraction SilverStripe sites have been upgraded to GA4 for free, and the Webrooms booking system and Dash Guest Portal have been updated to ensure tracking continues.


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