Dash allows for guests to complete a full online check in process prior to arrival at your property (just like the airlines). Online check in is customised to match your business. It can collect all the information you need, including identification, corrected guest details, arrival intentions and payment details

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Guest makes reservation

The guest makes a reservation via their preferred booking platform. Regardless of booking source, our powerful platform collects all data and communicates directly with guests. We do this by connecting to all industry leading property management systems and channel managers.

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Online Check in is open

The guest is invited to check in online in the week prior to their stay. Guests are directed to a customised guest portal with built to order branding, logos and questions to match your business needs. This creates a strong and effective communication tool between your business and your guests.

Guests are directed to your own customised guest portal

Thanks for checking in online

After completing check in, the guest receives further personalised messaging automatically, streamlining their experience and increase your engagement.

Thanks for checking in online

The guest arrives at your property

Guest arrival experience

When the guest arrives, they already have all instructions they need and any special expectations set. The front desk experience is streamlined with reduced or completely eliminated paperwork, allowing you to focus on the welcome.

The guest may go directly to their room either with integrated keyless entry, or pre-arranged key collection via a contactless interaction. The guest has peace of mind that you are offering them the highest level of safety with socially distant arrival process. Read more about how Dash helps combat COVID-19 here.

Guest arrival experience

Keyless entry can be fully integrated into Dash from a wide range of lock and key providers

Engage with the guest during their stay

Research shows that communicating during a guest stay not only increases the trust relationship with your guests but also helps identify any issues that can be solved immediately, rather than wait till post stay. Convert previously unknown concerns into a positive guest experience.

Engage with the guest during their stay

Fully satisfied, the guest leaves after an effortless accommodation experience

How was your stay, we hope to see you again!

Collect feedback and reviews from your guests after their stay. Using this data you can provide great value and service to the guest for their future stays. Communicate with them directly and advertise promotions, specials and offering that suit their needs. Their guest data is stored to help improve future online bookings and online check ins as well.

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