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Online Check In is Now Open

Tune Hotels

Similar to an airline service, the guest is invited to Check In prior to arrival thus saving them, and your operations team from having to do mundane tasks at the front desk. The guest’s first impression of the hotel becomes a positive experience while operational efficiency is improved – a win win. The process is very simple: Guests are notified that On line Check In is Open: - This is automated with an email sent to the guest a day or two prior to arrival date - A URL to their personalized Check In Form is included - The guest completes the On Line Check In form prior to arrival - The guest is notified their Check In is complete

Depending on the hotel’s technology, guests are advised to: - Take the #express queue and pick up the prepared key card - Use the hotel #kiosk to create the key - Have the #mobilekey automatically delivered to their smartphone

The above solution will include a number of APIs to integrate to PMS and the other third party systems.

Aubyn Court Spa Motel

2019/09/06 - SmartSite

Aubyn Court Spa Motel wanted a website that represented and matched their properties look and feel. We think we nailed it! - What do you think?

Champers Motor Lodge

2019/09/06 - SmartSite

Check out the new website we recently put together for Bruce at Champers Motor Lodge Gisborne. Looking good!

Academy Motor Inn

2019/08/14 - SmartSite

Academy Motor Inn needed a new website that fits the branding of the property after moving away from a group. We were happy to help Caroline and Simon out! - Check out the new site we have just launched for Academy Motor Inn.

ASURE Avenue Motel

2019/08/07 - SmartSite

Check out the new website we recently put together for David and Karel at ASURE Avenue Motel. Looking good!

Marine Reserved Apartments

2019/04/04 - SmartSite

Simon at Marine Reserved Apartments is a new Webrooms customer and decided it was time to upgrade his website. Luckily the GuestTraction team offer fantastic SilverStripe websites along with their powerful direct booking engine service.

Gables Motor Lodge

2019/03/19 - SmartSite

Check out the new website we recently put together for Lynda at Gables Motor Lodge. Looking good!

No Road Inn

2019/03/12 - SmartSite

We deal with change of ownerships here at GuestTraction on a weekly basis. One of the things we often see is new owners wanting to make sure they leave a good first impression on guests at their new business. An effective way to do this is by upgrading your properties website. Check out the new site we have just launched for new owner Surinder at No Road Inn.

Hahei Horizon Bed and Breakfast

2019/03/12 - SmartSite

Check out the new website for Hahei Horizon Bed and Breakfast who wanted to make sure their website correctly reflected their properties offering. What an improvement guys and great use of regional images throughout the new site.

ASURE Fountain Resort Motel

2018/12/21 - SmartSite

We created a new website for the new owners at ASURE Fountain Resort Motel, Cobber & Robin. A very good start to the new ownership!

Raceway Motel Brisbane


Another website for a Golden Chain Accommodation Australia property has been launched. Check out the new SilverStripe​ website for Raceway Motel in Brisbane. Get in touch now to get your very own GuestTraction website

Country Mile Motor Inn


Check out the first of many websites we have been putting together for members of Golden Chain Accommodation Australia. GuestTraction attended their AGM last week and loved meeting more of the member properties. Congratulations to Country Mile Motor Inn on their new website!

ASURE Camelot Arms Motor Lodge

2018/09/13 - SmartSite

GuestTraction have been working alongside ASURE Accommodation Group properties for many years. In fact ASURE Camelot Arms Motor Lodge has been using our services for nearly ten years! It was time to upgrade their website so Michael and the team looked no further than the GuestTraction team.

Hawera Central Motor Lodge

2018/09/12 - SmartSite

GuestTraction love partnering up with other companies to provide awesome online solutions for properties. We have just built a SilverStripe website platform for Hawera Central Motor Lodge in partnership with Orange Marketing who have worked with the property to build and update the website content.

Ferrylink Motel - SmartSite


Andrew at Ferrylink Motel has been a long time Webrooms customer and finally decided it was time to upgrade his website. Luckily the GuestTraction team offer fantastic SilverStripe websites along with their powerful direct booking engine service.

Golden Chain Accommodation


We are proud to announce the launch of the Golden Chain Accommodation Australia site which uses our Multi-Property system with Webrooms for search and bookings!

Quality Hotel Elms


As well as providing powerful booking systems and attractive websites the team at GuestTraction also provide mobile apps to accommodation businesses. We are excited to announce the publishing of the mobile app for Quality Hotel Elms.

ASURE Oakleigh Motel

2018/08/30 - SmartSite

Check out the brand new SilverStripe website we have built for ASURE Accommodation Groups member property ASURE Oakleigh Motel in Gore -

Account Balance

2018/08/21 - SmartSite

Every now and then we like to mix things up and put together a stunning website for a non accommodation client. This time for our friends over at Account Balance. You can check out this website built on our new SilverStripe platform at

Chateau Marlborough

2018/07/24 - SmartSite

The first of many amazing SilverStripe websites to be developed and launched by the GuestTraction web team. Chateau Marlborough decided it was time to partner with a friendly company wanting to modernise their property and maximise their direct online bookings. Check it out at

Aotea Lodge Accommodation - Wellington

2018/06/14 - SmartSite

New ownership and management at Aotea Lodge saw it time to upgrade and refresh their website.

GuestTraction and GDPR compliance


We've been working on our GDPR compliance in anticipation of the new regulations being introduced.
The General Data Protection Regulation (the “GDPR”) goes into effect on May 25, 2018. The regulation harmonizes the patchwork of privacy regulations currently in effect around Europe.

We've collected some information together to highlight GuestTraction's approach to GDPR, and assist our customers in their own journey to compliance.

The Rocks Chalets

2018/04/11 - SmartSite

New ownership and management at The Rocks Chalets saw it time to upgrade and refresh their website.

GuestTraction is here!


We've changed our name. Welman Technologies and GuestFolder are now GuestTraction.
We're excited to report that Welman Technologies Limited has been renamed to Guest Traction Limited.

We're also delighted to announce that GuestFolder has merged with GuestTraction. We've been working in partnership for a number of years and this event marks a formalisation of our existing close relationship.

Since 2001 Welman Technologies have been supplying services to accommodation providers and more, around the world. Over this time we have seen many changes to both the industry and our company. GuestFolder, formed 2013, is a global leader in mobile apps for accommodation, including online check in, keyless entry and guest engagement technologies.

As always our core focus remains in attracting and promoting your business to guests - and providing you with high level customer service in the process. It's business as usual for us, with the same team of people joined by the marketing and mobile app team from GuestFolder.

Glacier Highway Motel

2018/03/09 - SmartSite

Website finished and launched for a new property in Franz Josef who have only recently opened their doors. Check out the site for Joan at Glacier Highway Motel

Look After Me - NZ's Accommodation Network

2018/02/13 - SmartSite

Last week we launched the new online accommodation marketplace for Julia Charity and Look After Me - NZ's Accommodation Network in Dunedin.

Wellington Combined Taxis

2017/12/19 - SmartSite

GuestTraction are pleased to launch the brand new website for Wellington Combined Taxis today. Taxis, are one of the handful of high profile non-accommodation businesses that we provide services for. The new site is looking great guys, with plenty of awesome photography around Wellington used.

Deco City Motor Lodge

2017/12/12 - SmartSite

New ownership and management at Deco City Motor Lodge saw it time to upgrade and refresh their website.

Tuscany Gardens Motor Lodge

2017/12/11 - SmartSite

We have just launched a new website for new owners Paul & Adela over at Tuscany Gardens Motor Lodge

Centennial Court Motel

2017/11/30 - SmartSite

New website up and running for Centennial Court Motel in Alexandra, this property is using our SmartSites system! Looking good guys!

Baycrest Lodge

2017/11/02 - SmartSite

Baycrest Lodge have been long time users of our booking system Webrooms. When it came time to upgrade their website they wanted to ensure there was a seamless process from website to reservation. With our powerful integration tools we achieved just that.

Albatross Motel Napier

2017/10/30 - SmartSite

We have a number of websites that will be going live over the next week. The first of which is an upgrade of the website for Albatross Motel Napier, after going through a recent change of ownership it was time to give new owners Gary & Jo a more modern look and feel.

Hotel Waterloo

2017/10/10 - SmartSite

We have just finished a new website for the iconic Hotel Waterloo, with a focus on a more modern look and feel while showcasing all the various accommodation options. We are glad to see this new website up and running, and with Webrooms streamling the booking process the performance of the site will also be improved.

Fairley Motor Lodge

2017/10/02 - SmartSite

Was a pleasure having Jane & Hugh from Fairley Motor Lodge, Napier come into the office last Friday as we launched their new website. Not only was the design refreshed we focused on improving the content and navigation of the website. This will help increase direct bookings via Webrooms!

Albert Park Motor Lodge

2017/09/19 - SmartSite

Check out the new website we launched for Mel & Ross at ASURE Albert Park Motor Lodge. It was time for them to modernise their site and maximise their ASURE Accommodation Group branding and the friendly GuestTraction team was only a phone call away.

Bay Vista Waterfront

2017/09/19 - SmartSite

We launched a new SmartSite for Kerry over at Bay Vista Waterfront in Picton. This site is built using the properties Webrooms system, pulling its content/images etc directly from the booking system. A SmartSite from GuestTraction can help keep your costs down but still give the site a professional look and finish.

Cedar Court Motel

2017/09/19 - SmartSite

Sometimes a redesign is not always the reason to change website development companies. Such is the case for Cedar Court Motel who we moved across to our custom content management system this week. We look forward to having you on board as customers!

Acorn Estate Motel Masterton

2017/07/31 - SmartSite

Sacred Waters Luxury Apartments Taupo

2017/07/28 - SmartSite

Was fantastic being out on the road last week and spending time with many of our customers. One of those we caught up with was Sacred Water Apartments who we have just built a new website for. Wow, the new site is looking awesome Renee & Liz!

ASURE Abode on Courtenay Motor Inn

2017/07/27 - SmartSite

ASURE Jasmine Court Motel Picton

2017/07/24 - SmartSite

A new website for a south island property was launched today. Check out the new website for ASURE Jasmine Court Motel who wanted to make sure their website correctly reflected their properties offering. What an improvement guys and great use of regional images throughout the new site.

ASURE Chelsea Gateway Motor Lodge Westport

2017/07/11 - SmartSite

Lakeside Motel Queenstown

2017/07/07 - SmartSite

Another of Al & Joy's properties in Queenstown, Lakeside Motel, Queenstown was in need of an online overhaul. We made sure the look and feel of the website matched that of Al & Joy's other properties to present a consistent brand to potential guests but still highlighted the advantages of each individual property.

Glacier Highway Motel Franz Josef

2017/07/05 - SmartSite

Joan from Glacier Highway Motel approached us as she was about to start the build on a new motel in Franz Josef. She wanted to know when they should get their website up and running and we were happy to help. While the motel is still in progress we put together a temporary site to allow the property to show the progress of the build. Then once the motel is ready the full site can be launched and the online bookings can start rolling in!

Highgate Bed & Breakfast Pirongia

2017/07/04 - SmartSite

As well as supplying the group booking system for the Bed and Breakfast Association New Zealand we also look after individual properties. We just finished off the website and booking system for Dianne at Highgate Bed & Breakfast you can check it out.

ASURE Amber Court Motel Te Anau

2017/06/29 - SmartSite

When it was time to update their website ASURE Amber Court Motel came to the right place. Check our their new website we just finished and launched for Craig and Jill.

Tairua Shores Motel

2017/06/19 - SmartSite

Check out the new website we recently put together for for Sabeena and Steven at Tairua Shores Motel. Looking good guys!

Capital Gateway Motor Inn Wellington

2017/05/26 - SmartSite

Whenever we launch a new website its awesome to look back to see where we started. What a difference a recent upgrade we did for long time customer Capital Gateway Motor Inn has made. We have fantastic website options which help keep costs down by utilising elements of your current website as the building blocks for your new and improved site. For more information on how this service would benefit your business feel free to contact us.

Greyfriars Motel Greytown

2017/05/25 - SmartSite

If you are investing money to get new photos of your property it's a perfect time to look at redesigning your website. Well taken images have a massive impact on a potential guests decision making process, especially for an online booking. Check out the website for Greyfriars Motel who recently had new images of their property taken and a new site designed to match. Looking good!

Landmark Manor Motel New Plymouth

2017/05/19 - SmartSite

Landmark Manor Motel decided it was time to upgrade their website we built a few years ago to make sure they were using our latest website tools and tech. New website is looking good Robin & Patricia!

Pauanui Pines Motor Lodge

2017/05/18 - SmartSite

Another new website launch to start the week this time for a property a little further north. The new owners of Pauanui Pines Motor Lodge wanted to add their own stamp on the properties look and feel, along with a website to match.

Tui Oaks Motel Taupo

2017/05/18 - SmartSite

A long time customer and Webrooms user Tui Oaks Motor Inn needed to make sure their website was using the latest and greatest design techniques. So we redesigned their current website while keeping some elements of the old site intact.

Quality Hotel Lincoln Green Auckland

2017/05/16 - SmartSite

Stunning new website for the recently renovated Quality Hotel Lincoln Green, Andrew and the team wanted a site that shows off their awesome refurbishments and also everything their local area has to offer!


2017/05/11 - SmartSite

GuestTraction are very excited to be involved in the development of this awesome piece of kiwi ingenuity which aims to reduce the cost that freedom camping has on New Zealanders throughout the country. If you want to learn more about this project (and the story behind it). We have just launched the KiwiCamp website.

Palazzo Motor Lodge Nelson

2017/03/27 - SmartSite

With a need to showcase their property and increase direct bookings we put together a stunning new website for Palazzo Motor Lodge. Check it out!

BK’s Egmont Motor Lodge New Plymouth

2017/03/27 - SmartSite

GuestTraction also builds and supplies websites for the Host Accommodation group. Our most recent (with help from Orange Marketing) was for Ross and Sheryll at BKs Egmont Motor Lodge.

ASURE Welcome Inn Motel Levin

2017/03/22 - SmartSite

A quick redesign of the website for Welcome Inn Motel to make sure it ticks all the boxes for an effective and modern design. We are seeing more and more guests exploring and booking via mobile/tablet devices. This means properties need to ensure potential customers get a seamless booking experience regardless of device size.

Manapouri Lakeview Motor Inn

2017/03/15 - SmartSite

Wow! Check out the stunning new website for Manapouri Lakeview Motor Inn, looking good.


2017/03/07 - SmartSite

We recently gave the GuestFolder website a refresh to showcase the new video.

ASURE 306 on Riccarton Motel Christchurch

2017/03/02 - SmartSite

First of many websites that went live last week, check out the new site for ASURE 306 on Riccarton Motel, Christchurch, NZ.

ASURE Oak Estate Motor Lodge Greytown

2017/03/01 - SmartSite

Another ASURE website that went live last week was the recently joined ASURE Oak Estate Motor Lodge & Conference Centre. Check out their mix of ASURE and Oak Estate branding.

Burwood Motel Wanganui

2017/02/28 - SmartSite

Mont's Cottage / Montagu House

2017/02/24 - SmartSite

Haast Lodge Backpacker and Motor Park

2017/01/25 - SmartSite

One location, one company but two different properties! Check out the two websites we have put together for ASURE Aspiring Court Motel & Haast Backpackers.

ASURE Aspiring Court Motel Haast

2017/01/25 - SmartSite

One location, one company but two different properties! Check out the two websites we have put together for ASURE Aspiring Court Motel & Haast Backpackers.

Linkwater Motel & Backpackers

2016/12/23 - SmartSite

Milano Motor Lodge Christchurch

2016/12/22 - SmartSite

Another website live before the festivities begin! Check out the new website for Milano Motor Lodge, part of Host Accommodation Group.

ASURE Hanmer Inn Motel Hanmer Springs

2016/12/21 - SmartSite

A few websites going live this week before the silly season! The first of which is the new website platform for ASURE Hanmer Inn Motel. What do you think?

Akaroa on the Beach

2016/12/08 - SmartSite

Check out the new website we have built for Akaroa On The Beach! With a request to showcase their property and generate more direct bookings we think we nailed it.

ASURE Fountain Resort Motel

2016/12/05 - SmartSite

ASURE Ascot Motor Inn Taupo

2016/11/28 - SmartSite

GuestTraction supply websites for a number of ASURE Accommodation Group members. Most recently the new website for ASURE Ascot Motor Inn, Taupo. Check it out!

Airport Motor Lodge Wellington

2016/11/04 - SmartSite

It is always nice building new websites for customers that are close to home. Check out the new site we have just finished for Airport Motor Lodge here in Wellington.

ASURE Accommodation Group

2016/11/04 - Group Booking System

We had a number of new websites launch over the festive season. One which we extra proud of is the new group website for the ASURE Accommodation Group. This website is built using the SilverStripe platform and powered by our purpose built group booking platform via Webrooms.

CQ Hotels Wellington

2016/10/14 - SmartSite

Stunning new site launched for one of our first ever customers. Check out the new website for CQ Hotels Wellington.

Ashbrook Motel Taupo

2016/10/05 - SmartSite

Welman builds websites for properties of all shapes and sizes. Check out our recent work for Ashbrook Motel in Taupo. Although we have own our super powerful online booking system we are happy to integrate any other system on the market into our websites.

ASURE Accommodation Group

2016/10/05 - SmartSite

Gilmer Apartment Hotel Wellington

2016/10/05 - SmartSite

Anchor Inn Kaikoura

2016/09/26 - SmartSite

"Beautiful new site launched for Anchor Inn Motel in Kaikoura. Showing off those stunning views and exciting adventures Kaikoura has to offer. Check it out."

ASURE High Park Motor Inn Greymouth

2016/07/27 - SmartSite

"We love building websites that show off all the amazing places New Zealand has to offer. Check out the new website for ASURE High Park Motor Inn."

Pukekura Motor Lodge New Plymouth

2016/07/14 - SmartSite

Pukekura Motor Lodge wanted a website that represented and matched their properties look and feel. We think we nailed it! - What do you think?

Avenue Motel Palmerston North

2016/07/10 - SmartSite

"The first website to be launched this week is Avenue Motel in Palmerston North. Avenue Motel have been a long standing GuestTraction customer and we are very proud have built their beautiful new website. Check it out!"

Bed & Breakfast Association NEW ZEALAND

2016/05/03 - MultiProperty

Rotorua Association of Motels

2016/04/04 - MultiProperty

BreakFree - Hotels, Resorts, Apartments

2016 - MultiProperty

Host Accommodation Group

2016 - MultiProperty

Hospitality New Zealand

2015/09/16 - MultiProperty

Prime Property Group - Prime Accommodation

2015/01/14 - MultiProperty

Peppers Retreats, Resorts & Hotels

2015/01/12 - MultiProperty

ASURE Accommodation Group

2012/03/12 - MultiProperty

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